About Us

The Brooks Group is a Manhattan-based public relations agency recognized for its diverse client roster and personalized approach to business. Founder and President, Rebecca Brooks opened the company in 1995 (at age 25), determined to avoid the "cookie cutter" style of public relations. Rebecca and her seasoned team of publicists (affectionately referred to as Brookette's) offer customized, one-on-one services and have a track record of working with clients for many years.

While the agency fields countless calls regarding new business, Rebecca elects to sign with less than a quarter of the people who contact her. By keeping the agency small, the Brookette's can provide personal attention to each client, a luxury often lost in larger agencies. "I have to believe in a product or a person to represent them. That enthusiasm leads to long client relationships, which inevitably leads to success. Both the client and the media can distinguish between sincere and insincere interest."

Passion Leads to Results

In the agency's earlier years, Rebecca focused on her own areas of expertise, beauty and fitness. An entrepreneur herself, Rebecca became known for spotting raw talent and word quickly spread about her innovative agency. As a result of her passion and industry experience, The Brooks Group transported countless clients from obscurity to national awareness.

Promoting the Product & the People behind the Brand

As the agency developed, another strength became clear - the ability to promote the personalities behind the brands. Rebecca and her team explore all angles of a client's background and the development of each product in order to create the most accurate and effective public image. The Brooks Group focuses on each client's strengths and creates a media strategy that showcases these qualities. "I get to know my clients so well that I can think for them," notes Rebecca.

The Brooks Group Today - Style Meets Substance

The Brooks Group boasts an impressive range of clients from high profile food personalities Andrew Zimmern, Curtis Stone, Guy Fieri, Ingrid Hoffmann and Buddy Valastro, to beauty icons Michelle Phan and Mally Roncal. The Brookette's also work with home, business and fashion companies/experts such as ApartmentTherapy, Gretta Monahan, cinda b, wine & social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk and inventor, Lori Greiner.

Media Relationships

Just as The Brooks Group tailors their strategies to suit each client, the team customizes their communications with the media. Journalists have long been wary of aggressive, formulaic public relations. Rebecca and her team strive to change that image by maintaining genuine and long-standing relationships with a wide range of journalists. Instead of assaulting the media with mass mailings and constant calls, reporters welcome The Brooks Group's informative results orientated approach.

In addition to strong media relationships, The Brooks Group offers clients skills essential to a comprehensive strategic program. Unique communications strategies, combined with superior creative writing allow clients to shine in the public eye. The Brooks Groups' extensive experience with media training, product launches and book and media tours assist clients with building their brands and their public personas.

At the core of The Brooks Group is a legacy of solid public relations. From coveted media placements and social media strategies to product launch events, The Brooks Group provides specialized, sophisticated and newsworthy communications to both the media and client.