posted Thursday, October 9, 2014 by Lindsey Cohen

5 Things That Make You Happy When You Are A Publicist 

News Stories That Create The Perfect Hook for Your Client

 Picture This: A study entitled ‘How Eating Chocolate Can Actually Help you LOSE Weight’ (we wish) is published and goes viral. You just happen to represent a master chocolatier. What do you do? Work quickly and efficiently with your team to create a pitch that connects the study with the chocolatier’s areas of expertise and send to appropriate news outlets. Then, the chocolatier will be top of mind when a journalist is covering the study – and a placement is born!

Flexing Our Creative Muscles

Most of us PR pros got into the business so we can let our creative genius shine through. PR lets us craft beautifully-worded pitches for our clients; execute meticulously-planned events to celebrate a milestone; and organize gorgeous gifts for media that catch their attention AND coincide with important launches/releases/promotions. Give us a book launch, any book launch – and we’ll figure out the best way to tell the media about it. 

    A Team That Doubles As A Family

    “A publicist’s work is never done.” It’s true – we spend a LOT of time with our coworkers. Creating a friendly, warm environment at work is key to succeeding; it’s way easier to be productive at work if you actually like your work. So make time to bond with each other, whether it’s a company-wide lunch or an after-work (and much-needed) drink.

    Responsive Media

    A positive relationship between a publicist and a media contact is advantageous on both ends. For a publicist, having a media friend means having someone who will read and respond to emails, and even pass information on to a colleague who might benefit from the information. For the media, a good relationship with a publicist means never running out of a story idea – it’s truly a win-win situation!

    Collaborative Clients

    Our work isn’t easy, but we are fortunate to have clients who appreciate what we do. Our clients know the key to a successful relationship is providing their honest feedback and input, so we can work as a team with our client – not separately.