posted Monday, November 24, 2014 by Rebecca Brooks

This is a special anniversary-edition Q&A. We’ll get to know our Senior Vice President, Brianne Carmody-Perea, who started at The Brooks Group nine years ago today.  To celebrate, let’s take a walk with her, behind the purple door, down memory lane.

1. What attracted you to The Brooks Group?

I was at a beauty PR agency that had what I like to call a “sink or swim” environment. There were employees that walked off the job within hours on their first day. Stress levels were always maxed out and there wasn’t much enjoyment in what should really be an enjoyable job. When I met Rebecca and some of the team members, I got a vibe that felt refreshing and I could tell they were genuinely happy. The clients were great and I got my first introduction into the food PR world working with Rachael Ray. Funny enough, I had to Google who she was at the time! It’s amazing what can be done with some hard work and perseverance. 

2. What do you remember about your first day?

I actually remember it pretty well! We held a media event for one of our beauty clients. It was a good way to get some much-needed face time with my client right off the bat. 

3. You started out as an Account Executive and worked your way up. What advice would you give yourself 9 years ago today?

Unless you hear “no,” there’s always an opportunity for “yes.” But remember, “no” isn’t finite.

4. What’s your best memory?

There are honestly so many that it’s hard to pinpoint just a few. I’ve taken some fun trips (like the one we took as an agency to MGM Grand in Foxwoods), met some incredible friends along the way (it’s nice when you can keep in touch with colleagues, media and past clients on both a personal and professional level), and have rubbed elbows with lots of well-known people that I admire.

Not many people can say they were serenaded by Guy Fieri in a gold lamé suit, either. I have the photo to prove it.  

5. You’ve been on 37th Street for 9 years. How has it changed?

Nine years ago, our street was porn shops, glitzy wholesale dress shops and parking lots. Those have started to fade away to make room for some hotels and great lunch spots. The food selection when I started here left something to be desired. Now, we have artisanal food shops like Piccolo and Picnic Basket. We’re getting there Herald Square!

Quick-fire round:

1. Magazines or Kindle?

Magazines. I still rip pages out and store them – especially recipes I want to make or exercises I want to do…1 day when I eventually have time to exercise.

2. Favorite (non-client) blog to read?

In Jennie’s Kitchen – She has great recipes, but I envy her beautiful writing style.

3. Cookbook or Google?

A little bit of both. I’ve launched SO many great cookbooks over the years and I honestly still cook from most of them. Google is super convenient when I’m looking in my fridge and not sure what to make for dinner with what I have. I just plug in the ingredients that I have and voila, instant inspiration. 

4. Blackberry or iPhone?

iPhone…no competition.

5. Early morning or late night?

 Early morning. I have anxiety if I wake up past 9am (on weekends obviously). I feel like I wasted the day away. 

6. 3 reasons why you love public relations

 a. Fabulous clients

b. Creative minds

c. No “every day is the same” syndrome