posted Monday, December 22, 2014 by Lindsay Smith

Tis the season for giving and nothing feels better than giving back to people who deserve it. This week, the Brookettes secured fantastic opportunities to work on four makeovers with Good Morning America.

Our lovely style-guru, Gretta Monahan led an A-List beauty dream team through three “60 Minutes to Party Ready” Makeovers.

Meanwhile, we paired NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow with design visionary and founder of Dwell Studio, Christiane Lemieux, to honor one of Tim’s holiday heroes. College basketball coach and mentor, Nesta Felix, runs the New Flex community center in Mt Vernon, NY. Volunteering countless hours each week, Nesta mentors local students and ensures they have a safe place to go after school.  Christiane and Tim spent 72 hours over the course of a week to transform the run down, disorganized community center from drab to fab. 

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Let the fun begin!


Karen, a mother of five, was looking forward to celebrating her first cancer-free Christmas. Gretta and the beauty dream-team worked their magic, and in 60 minutes, revealed Karen’s new look. Her whole family came along to support her during the show and after the emotional reveal, there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio! 


Taina is a pre-school teacher with a reputation for putting everyone ahead of herself.  Known for wearing baggy shirts and sweat pants, the beauty team worked to create a sleek, sophisticated look for 2015. 

Back in Mt. Vernon, Christiane and Tim geared up to reveal their incredible transformation.  With the Mayor, hundreds of community members and Nesta’s students all in attendance, this would was a day to remember. The 10 minute segment revealed a breathtaking makeover complete with freshly painted walls and ceilings, new furniture, window dressings, walk décor, desks, plants and more. To top it off, GMA had a few more surprises up their sleeve with a $10,000 donation and a new team car.


Approaching her 30th birthday, Ellen, a firefighter and EMT, was fed up with wearing men’s sizes and boyishly cut clothes. She yearned for a glamorous look for the holidays and the style-team did not let her down. Check out her stunning red-carpet reveal. 

It was a very inspiring week! You can find all of the expert beauty tricks for the holidays, design tips and more about the makeovers on  Tune-in next year for more exciting adventures on the BG Blog!

Happy Holidays!

xxThe Brookettes