Apartment Therapy
Case Study

Ten years ago, Maxwell Ryan was known as the “apartment therapist,” traveling by scooter to his clients’ homes to help them make their spaces beautiful, organized and healthy. Today his site, Apartment Therapy, a blog that began as part of his design service, has grown into a celebrated design website, helping millions “save the world, one room at a time.” As a result of the website’s rapid growth, Maxwell’s brand story was lost and few knew he was the visionary behind Apartment Therapy.

The Brooks Group was charged with enhancing Maxwell's platform as an expert design guru, taste maker, style icon and founder of the world’s most influential home website. We also wanted to expand Maxwell’s TV presence for future projects, as well as increase awareness of Apartment Therapy outside of its niche online design community.

To ensure Maxwell had a strong sense of his on air persona and key brand messages, we engaged in a series of media training sessions. We then implemented a variety of unique communication strategies to elevate Maxwell’s platform and solidify his expertise. Through a series of key editor meetings and innovative pitch tactics, we generated numerous profile stories across a number of genres. Highlights included a fashion feature with Men’s Health, an at home story with New York Times and trend articles with Newsweek and Instyle.  We also secured regular columns with Parents and Better Homes & Gardens. To build on Maxwell’s TV presence, we garnered multiple broadcast segments with Better TV, NBC’s Open House and Huffington Post, resulting in regular appearances on GMA Live.   

To increase the brand awareness on the business side, we crafted various creative deliveries that highlighted Apartment Therapy’s growth and influence in the design space. These initiatives generated stories in Wall Street Journal, Success, NewsWeek and Entrepreneur

Through strategically placed coverage in both the lifestyle and business space, Apartment Therapy’s visibility has dramatically increased. Within a year, readership numbers and revenue from sales reached an all-time high.