Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce





  • Cholula® Original hot sauce is a delicious blend of piquin peppers, chile arbol and signature spices that adds a touch of heat and enhances food flavors without overpowering them.
  • INGREDIENTS: water, dried piquin and arbol peppers, salt, vinegar, spice & xanthan gum
  • PAIRS BEST WITH: omelets, soups, pizza, dips, Bloody Marys
  • RETAIL PRICE: $3.25/5oz, $5.99/12oz



  • Cholula® Chipotle hot sauce features a savory blend of Cholula® Original with added smoky and slightly sweet flavor notes of real Chipotle peppers.
  • INGREDIENTS: water, white & apple vinegars, sugar, dried peppers (chipotle, guajillo, piquin and chile arbol), salt, natural flavors, spices, xanthan gum, silicon dioxide, citric acid, & caramel 
  • PAIRS BEST WITH: soups, ranch dressing, steaks, chicken  
  • RETAIL PRICE: $3.25/5oz 



  • Cholula® Chili Garlic gives the full benefit of Cholula® Original complimented with an abundant presence of fresh, coarse ground garlic.
  • INGREDIENTS: water, salt, dried piquin and chile arbol peppers, vinegar, garlic, spices, natural flavors, xanthan gum, & dried garlic 
  • PAIRS BEST WITH: pasta sauces, pizza, poultry 
  • RETAIL PRICE: $3.25/5oz 



  • Cholula® Chili Lime hot sauce combines Cholula® Original with a distinctively delicious, tangy hint of fresh lime.
  • INGREDIENTS: water, white & apple vinegars, sugar, dried peppers (guajillo, paprika, piquin and chile arbol), salt, sugar, dried tomato, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, citric acid, silicon dioxide, spices, garlic, & xanthan gum 
  • PAIRS BEST WITH: tortilla chips, seafood, salad dressings 
  • RETAIL PRICE: $3.25/5oz



  • Cholula® Green Pepper hot sauce is a blend of jalapeño and poblano peppers combined with signature Cholula® spices that delivers a sweet, tangy, spicy flavor profile. Although the spiciest of the five varieties, Cholula® Green Pepper delivers big on flavor.
  • INGREDIENTS: jalapeño peppers, water, sugar, salt, poblano pepper, acetic acid, garlic powder, jalapeño powder, xanthan gum, poblano pepper flavor, sodium benzoate, and sodium metabisulfite   
  • PAIRS BEST WITH: eggs, beef, shrimp, dips, soups 
  • RETAIL PRICE: $3.25/5oz


Cholula® is produced in Chapala, Mexico; all flavors are gluten-free

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