Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan

You could call hers a Cinderella story—if Cinderella traded in her tiara for a branded line of glass slippers, three spas and a clothing boutique. Gretta Monahan, a self-made style maven, is harnessing the fashion world by its stilettos and reinventing the concept of style, pampering for everyone from Hollywood superstars to the mom next door. Offering fashion and beauty tips to people of all ages and income levels is a philosophy that Gretta stands behind.

Gretta’s award winning collection of sleek boutiques and spa emporiums stretches from Boston to Connecticut, while her regular television appearances on The Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America bring her down-to-earth and friendly approach into the homes of fashion-hungry viewers across the country. Gretta’s first book, Style and the Successful Girl, is a full-color fashion and beauty guide, designed to help readers discover and create their own style.


Raised by her grandmother and aunt in Boston, Gretta attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and trained to become a hair stylist before leaving to sate her entrepreneurial spirit. She opened her first salon at the age of 24, and within 10 years the sales of her multi-faceted beauty and fashion empire topped $10 million.

A graduate of Harvard Business School’s three-year Owners and Presidents Management Program and a chosen case study subject for Harvard Business School, Gretta’s business acuity led her to be a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year contest.

GRETTA GETS BEAUTY: Grettacole, G Spa, and beyond

Gretta opened her first salon in Wellesley in 1994; it would become her first Grettacole Salon and Day Spa, a head-to-toe high-end salon and spa, followed up by an outpost in downtown Boston’s Copley Place in 2001.  Gretta and her team of highly trained experts (each staffer trains at Gretta You for up to two years) focus on listening to clients’ needs and advising them on how to meet those needs. “It’s less about the beauty and more about the care, and teaching people,” she says.

Catering to women (and men) on the go, Gretta’s G Spa offers mini treatments with full VIP services in a sleek, chic setting. In May 2008, she opened a sparkling 21,000 square foot oasis at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods and it quickly became a success, recently receiving Connecticut Magazine’s esteemed, “Best of Connecticut” award. This stunning facility provides guests with a full menu of massage, hair, and body treatments, several of which were inspired by Native American traditions and rituals incorporating ingredients like red clay, maize, and mountain laurel. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pamela Anderson and Gloria Estefan are huge fans.

GRETTA GETS FASHION: Gretta Luxe and Gretta Style

Known for fashion as much as she is for beauty, Gretta jets off to Milan, New York City, and Paris every season to go to all the shows as well as visit designers in their ateliers to hand pick the items offered in her clothing boutique. Gretta Luxe, Gretta’s Wellesley-based boutique, showcases the hottest trends from top designers like Balenciaga, Chloe, and Zac Posen. Each client receives personalized guidance from expert stylists who assist with picking out the perfect frock or stems.  “Every customer gets a celebrity experience from highly skilled expert,” says Gretta.


Gretta’s first national show was TLC’s A Makeover Story. Now, she is the style guru on The Rachael Ray Show where she has done over one thousand style makeovers. Gretta also appeared as Tim Gunn’s “fashion accomplice,” co-hosting the second season of Bravo’s Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, and appears regularly on Good Morning America. As a resident expert at Boston Herald, Gretta offers fashion and beauty tips in her weekly blogs.

This October, Gretta’s winning approach to fashion and beauty will be made available to all with the release of her first book, Style and the Successful Girl.  This full-color fashion book, packed with stories, sidebars, and photos aims to help every reader discover and create their own style visions.

In addition to her salons, spas, and designer clothing boutiques, Gretta is involved with community outreach and fundraisers for The Liver Foundation, The Joshua Frase Foundation, the Faulkner/Sagoff Center and more. She splits her time between Boston, Los Angeles and New York City. For more information, visit